Our Range of Products

Wall Papers:

Wallpaper  is a kind of material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings; it is one aspect of interior decoration. more


Carpet Tiles:

Carpet tiles are the floor covering materials manufactured as square pieces instead of the usual rolled carpets. These carpet tiles are used to give to give a different look for the floors of homes, offices and others. more


Toilet Cubicles & Lockers:

Cubicles are used for seperation between neighboring  spaces usually by partition. more


Raised Floor:

Raised floor provides an elevated structural floor above a concrete slab to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. Raised floors are widely used in modern office buildings. more


iBS Architectural Hardware:

iBS Architectural Hardware offers wide range of products for finishing touches on architectural projects, whether it is commercial buldings, Entry doors, Kitchen cabinets and Bathrooms.more


Demountable Partitions:

Demountable Partitions is nothing but an relocatable partition, this is the partition of dry construction, assembled from prefabricated components, which can be installed, removed. more


Floor Profiles:

FOLOTRIM TR is a complete range of brass, aluminium and stainless steel trim profiles designed to allow a faster and proper laying of floor coverings independent of tile size or type of finishing and edging required.more